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June 2021

  • Vol. 11 No. 2
  • The Cognitive Analysis of Classification Strategy by Comparison of Science Pre-service teachers' Brain activations during Animate and Inanimate Classification

    Jung-Ho Byeon

  • Changes of child’s brain activity and functional connectivity in transformational geometry program: An fNIRS study

    Ming-Jung Kang

  • Development of Elementary AI·Science Convergence Education Program Using An AI Classification Model

    Young Saeng Cho · Yu Chen · Jung Bog Kim

  • Development of A Digital Textbook for Remote Class with Realtime Interaction on 'Genetics' in Life Science Ⅰ

    So-Young Jeon · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • A Problem-based Learning for Vocational Key Competencies in a Welding Practice of Specialized High Schools

    Hong Ki Choi · Kyung Taek Lee

  • Effects of Floorball Activity in Early Morning on Health Related Fitness and Academic Achievement in Elementary School Students

    Mi-Hee Lee · Kyeong-Lae Kim · Eun-Seok Ho

  • The Effects of Science Experiment Class Using Cooking on the Affective Domain of Middle School Students

    So Yeon Kim · Unhwa Gim · Mi Jum Kim · Yong-Jin Kim

  • Exploring the Effects of Overconfidence Bias and Hard-easy Effect in Self-monitoring of Biological Concept Test

    Hyojeong Hwang · Minsu Ha · Eunju Park

  • Analysis of Cognitive Strategies during Mental Rotational Activity and Effect on Improving Spatial and Number Sense

    Minju Nam · Kwang-Ho Lee

  • A Study on general high school Teachers' Perception on Process-focused Evaluation Policies

    Yong Sang Lee · Hyun Sook Yi · Ji Hyun Park

  • Analysis of Online Peer Feedback on High School Physics Experiment Report

    Taek-Kyu Lee · Su-Kyeong Lee · Hyukjoon Choi

  • The Analysis of the Effect of Collaborative Problem-Solving for Character Competence (CoProC) Instruction Model on Secondary Science Teachers' Perception of Character Education and the Level of Implementation of Character-Centered Classes

    Jihun Park · Hongjun Lim · Jaekyoung Jun · Jeonghee Nam

  • Development of a Survey Tool to Diagnose Cognitive Biases in Science Researchers' Research Environment

    Hyojeong Hwang · Eunju Park · Minsu Ha