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March 2021

  • Vol. 11 No. 1
  • An Analysis of Research Trends of Domestic Mathematics Struggling Learners Using Topic Modeling

    Tae-Kwon Son · Do-Yeon Ahn · Sung-Yoon Yoo · Kwang-Ho Lee

  • Analysis of High School Students’ Science Teachers Images Using Semantic Network Analysis

    Soo-min Lim · Yunjung Cho · Youngshin Kim

  • Analysis of Inquiry-based Activities in the Various Forces Unit of Middle School Science Textbooks

    Ji-Eun Kim · Hyonyong Lee · Ho-Meoyng Choi

  • Educational Application in Biology of the Big Data Technology Based on Physical Computing

    Jin-Sun Park · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • A Study on the Development and Application of the Measurement Tools for School Citizenship of Pre-service Teachers

    Seung-Min Baik

  • Exploring Experience of Becoming a Maker of Early Childhood Teacher in the Makerspace

    Suyoun Lee · Ki-Won Nam

  • Effects of Cognitive Learning Horse Riding Exercise in using the Simulation on Pelvic Movements and Pain and Cognitive Ability in the Elderly Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

    Kwang-Suk Hyun · Jeong-Min Park · Hyeong-Lam Baek

  • The Differences of the Conception for Human Brain on High School Students according to The Completion of ‘Life Science Ⅰ’

    Jung-Ho Byeon