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September 2021

  • Vol. 11 No. 3
  • Comparison of Science Gifted and General Students’ Brain Activity and Thinking Process in the Process of Self-regulation – An fNIRS Study

    Jin-Sun Park · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • Addressing Challenges to a Systematic Thinking Pattern of Scientists: A Literature Review of Cognitive Bias in Scientific Work

    Rahmi Qurota Aini · Yustika Sya’bandari · Ai Nurlaelasari Rusmana · Minsu Ha

  • A Corpus-Based Study on Vocabulary Use in English Listening Tests for High School Students

    Myung Ho Park · Dong Ju Lee

  • Analysis of the Network of Plant-related Concepts in Secondary School Science Textbooks Based on the 2015 Revised Curriculum

    Soo-min Lim · Shin-Ah Park · Heojeong Yoon · Youngshin Kim

  • Science Teacher’s Perception of Self-directed Inquiry Activities and Teaching-learning Strategies

    Yunhee Choi · Minsu Ha

  • Analysis of the Difference between Pre-service Teachers’ Mind Wandering in Pre-learning and Follow-up Learning: In the Learning Process of ‘Movement of the Earth and the Moon

    Sungman Lim · Minha Lee · Seongun Kim

  • Comparison of Brain Activation on the Education Content Types to Prevent Smoking for Smoking Adolescents - fNIRS Study

    Hee-Jeong Jeon · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • Analysis of Connectivity between 2015 Mathematics Curriculum and Process-oriented Assessment: Using Semantic Network Analysis

    Do-Yeon Ahn · Hyun-Ho Yoon · Jin-Min Jung · Kwang-Ho Lee