Current Issue
September, 2021

  • Vol. 11 No. 03
  • Comparison of Science Gifted and General Students’ Brain Activity and Thinking Process in the Process of Self-regulation – An fNIRS Study

    Jin-Sun Park · Yong-Ju Kwon

    Self-regulation is the process of generating new alternative schemas that can be reequilibriated through feedback and accommodation of observed information and the existing disquilibriated schemas. The purpose ...

  • Addressing Challenges to a Systematic Thinking Pattern of Scientists: A Literature Review of Cognitive Bias in Scientific Work

    Rahmi Qurota Aini · Yustika Sya’bandari · Ai Nurlaelasari Rusmana · Minsu Ha

    Scientist has an essential role for making discoveries and come across inventions. However, the way of doing science can obstructed due to the human ...

  • Analysis of Research Trends in Online Discussion Using Topic Modeling

    Se-Hwa Kim · Sook-Ki Choi

    Online discussion is a major form of discourse in modern society and a teaching-learning method that is important in an online ...

  • A Corpus-Based Study on Vocabulary Use in English Listening Tests for High School Students

    Myung Ho Park · Dong Ju Lee

    The aim of this study is to analyze the use of English vocabulary in English listening tests for high school students. This study analyzed single words, lexical bundles, and delexical verb collocations in the listening test scripts of CSAT ...

  • Analysis of the Network of Plant-related Concepts in Secondary School Science Textbooks Based on the 2015 Revised Curriculum

    Soo-min Lim · Shin-Ah Park · Heojeong Yoon · Youngshin Kim

    The 2015 revised science curriculum aims to raise up creative and convergent talents required by the knowledge and information society. To achieve this goal, there have ...

  • Science Teacher’s Perception of Self-directed Inquiry Activities and Teaching-learning Strategies

    Yunhee Choi · Minsu Ha

    This study tried to examine the perception of students’ free inquiry between science teachers’ open inquiry and guided inquiry, and to suggest effective teaching and learning ...

  • Analysis of the Difference between Pre-service Teachers’ Mind Wandering in Pre-learning and Follow-up Learning: In the Learning Process of ‘Movement of the Earth and the Moon

    Sungman Lim · Minha Lee · Seongun Kim

    The purpose of this study was to analyze and compare mind wandering that occurs during the pre-learning and follow-up learning processes using an eye-tracker. For this ...

  • Comparison of Brain Activation on the Education Content Types to Prevent Smoking for Smoking Adolescents - fNIRS Study

    Hee-Jeong Jeon · Yong-Ju Kwon

    The annual anti-smoking education in schools is already a smoking cessation education for smoking adolescents. However, studies on the effectiveness ...

  • Analysis of Connectivity between 2015 Mathematics Curriculum and Process-oriented Assessment: Using Semantic Network Analysis

    Do-Yeon Ahn · Hyun-Ho Yoon · Jin-Min Jung · Kwang-Ho Lee

    This study analyzed the relationship between the process-oriented assessment and the 2015 revised mathematics curriculum using Semantic Network Analysis. The key words ...