Current Issue

Volume 13, Issue 3

Page 197-321
September, 2023

  • Niche Overlap and Proximity of Photosynthesis Concepts by Middle School Students' Cognitive Level

    Hongyeon Kim, Soo-min Lim, Youngshin Kim

    The purpose of this study is to analyze the niche overlap and proximity of photosynthetic domain concepts according to the cognitive level of middle school students. For this, ......

  • A Study of Directions for Elementary History Education Based on Preservice Teachers' Lesson Analysis Responses

    Haeyoung, Lee

    This study analyzed elementary school history lessons by considering the characteristics of elementary school education and exploring alternative options for teaching history. This researcher ......

  • Evaluation of Affective Domains and Technology Acceptability of Collaborative Learning Using Generative AI ChatGPT of Pre-service Teachers

    Eun Jung Jang

    In this study, in order to study educational utilization methods following the recent spread of generative AI ChatGPT, collaborative learning using ChatGPT was conducted for the pre-service ......

  • Analysis of the Necessity of AI Utilization and Digital Competencies and Use Cases for Science Teachers

    Mihyun Son

    This exploratory qualitative study aimed to investigate the specific practices and the necessity of cultivating AI utilization capabilities and digital competencies among science ......

  • A Study on the Potential and Implication of Using ChatGPT in Moral Education: Focusing on the Moral Dilemma Discussion

    Jinbong Ha

    The purpose of this study is to explore the potential applications of ChatGPT in moral education and to analyze it. Specifically, we seek concrete ways to utilize ChatGPT in moral ......

  • Analysis of Child’s Spatial Ability

    Min Jung Kang

    This study analyzed how the spatial ability of children in the first and second grades of elementary school appeared. The key components of spatial ability are mental rotation, spatial ......

  • The Analysis Actual Use and Perception of Class Using Coding of Chemistry Teacher

    Sungki Kim, Hyunjung Kim

    This study investigated the actual use and perceptions of class using coding for chemistry teachers. To this end, a questionnaire survey consisting of a total of 7 questions was ......

  • The Effect on Differentiation and Maturation of Oligodendrocyte by Age of Cerebral Palsy Modeling Using Sprague Dawley Rat

    Eun-Jung Yoon, Jiwon Jeong, Yeobin Park, Dongsun Park

    Cerebral palsy induces motor, cognitive, attention, and behavioral dysfunctions caused by brain damages. It is caused by damage to oligodendrocyte induced hypoxic ischemia and ......