Current Issue

Volume 14, Issue 1

Page 1-119
March, 2024

  • Validation of the Revised Systems Thinking Measuring Instrument(Re_STMI) for High School Students

    Hyundong Lee, Byung-Yeol Park, Jaedon Jeon, Hyonyong Lee

    The purpose of this study is to verify the validity of the revised STMI, which is a revised and supplemented version of the Systems Thinking Measuring Instrument (STMI) developed by Lee et al. (2013) for high school students. For this purpose, we used data from ......

  • Exploring Learners' Perceptions of the Role of Learner-Centered Online Education in Transforming Legal Education

    Hye Jeong Kim, Nadia Khadam, and Minseo Ju

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions worldwide quickly transitioned to online learning, and Pakistan's law schools were no exception. Since, the country's law departments are ......

  • An Analysis of the Definitions and Components of Science Career Aptitude in Science Education

    Su-Min Lee, Yong-Ju Kwon

    The most fundamental consideration when student’s selecting a science-related career is aptitude for science. Therefore, this study analyzed the definitions and components of each concept presented in ......

  • Analysis of Summative Evaluation Questions for Life Science I based on the Understanding Aspects of Wiggins & McTighe

    Jeonghyeon Lee, Soo-min Lim, Youngshin Kim

    The purpose of this study is to analyze the Life Science Ⅰ summative evaluation questions in aspects of Wiggins & McTighe's understanding. For this purpose, we collected evaluation questions for Life Science ......

  • An Analysis of Examination Question Trends in the field of Biology Education on Secondary Biology Teacher Appointment Examination from 2014 to 2024

    Jin-su Jeong, Yong-Seong Kim

    This study aims to analyze the examination trend of questions related to the field of biology education among the questions of the secondary biology teacher appointment examination from 2014 to 2024 ......

  • Analysis of Elements Related to Data Literacy Presented in Achievement Standards of 2022 Revised National Curriculum

    Juyeong Lee, Hunkoog Jho

    With the drastic increase in the amount and types of data due to advancements in information and communication technology, the significance of data literacy has become more prominent ......

  • The Effect of Task-based Elementary School Students’ Sentence Construction Learning Using Artificial Intelligence and Corpora

    In Suk Lee, Dong Ju Lee

    This study investigates the efficacy of task-based sentence construction learning utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and corpora among sixth-grade students in elementary education. The investigation is centered on enhancing students' proficiency ......