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December 2021

  • Vol. 11 No. 3
  • Bibliometric and Clustering Keywords Network Analysis of Scientist Creativity Research

    Rahmi Qurota Aini · Yustika Sya’bandari · Ai Nurlaelasari Rusmana · Minsu Ha

  • Effects of Resistance Exercise on mRNA Expression of Brain Neuroplasticity Related Factors in Hippocampus and Cognitive Function in Ovariectomized Rats

    Eun-Jung Yoon · Kyeong-Lae Kim · Dongsun Park

  • Analysis of Reading Patterns and Strategies of Pre-service Teacher in the Process of Identifying Fake News : An Eye-tracking Study

    Bo-Ra Song · Sook-Ki Choi

  • Effects of Teaching Multiplication based on Double Tape Diagram and Double Scale Models on Multiplicative Thinking of Elementary School Students

    Jeong-mi Park · Kwangho Lee

  • Effects of Barefoot Walking Exercise on Female Hormone, Brain Nerve Growth Factors and Immunoglobulins in Postmenopausal Women

    Eun-Seok Ho · Min-Ji An · Kyeong-Lae Kim

  • A Survey on Teachers' Perceptions of the Use of Advanced Science and Technology in Education

    Sujin Moon · Jiwon Lee · Jung Bog Kim

  • An Analysis of the First-grade Teacher Qualification Training Program for the Secondary School Ethics Teacher and Its Improvements - Focused on the Analysis of Trainee Teachers’ Teaching Innovation Report

    Kuk-Hyeon Kim · Seung-Min Baik

  • Comparing the Digital Literacy of Early Childhood Teachers by Personal Background Characteristics

    Eun-young Kim · Dong-re Kim

  • An Analysis of Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Feedback Use and Mathematics Classroom Culture

    Sunghwan Hwang · Taekwon Son · Kwangho Lee

  • Analysis of Korean Children’s Developmental Pattern on the Social Brain Related to Mentalization Ability: An fNIRS Study

    Seung-Hyuk Kwon · Jin-Sun Park · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • A sLORETA Study about the Effects of Scientific Observation Learning Program based on Universal Design for Learning

    Yong-Seong Kim · Jin-Su Jeong

  • Development of Questionnaire for Examining Science Learning Network of Elementary School Students

    Youngdae Kim · Hakseong Kim