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December 2022

  • Vol. 12 No. 4
  • Development and Application of Web-based Machine Learning Program for Automated Assessment Model Generation

    Minseok Choi · Jaegul Choo · Minsu Ha

  • Development of A Graphic-based Digital Textbook on Biology Learning for Bangladesh Higher Secondary Students

    Firoz Ahmed · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • Adequacy of Inquiry Activities in Life Science Ⅱ Based on the 2015 Revised Science Curriculum

    Soo-min Lim · Yong-choon Kim · Youngshin Kim

  • Effects of AF64A Induction on the Cholinergic and Amyloidogenic Pathways in Human Neural Stem Cells and Rat Brain for Alzheimer’s Disease Models

    Eun-Jung Yoon · Yunseo Choi · Dongsun Park

  • The Impact of Mathematics Class Right After Physical Education Class on Brain Activation in Children

    Min-Hwa Roh · Kyeong-Lae Kim · Suk Won Kwon

  • Data Analysis of Seasonal Air Temperature Variations in East Asia Using the Meteorological Datasets

    Jae-Hee Cho · Hak-Sung Kim

  • Exploring Korean College Students’ Attitudes Toward General English Program and Influencing Factors

    Misook Kim

  • Comparison of Biological Concept Assessment Scores by Handwriting and Computer Writing

    Jeong-hwa Seong · Sarah Meilani Fadillah · Minsu Ha

  • A STEAM Experience Activity Task: Making and Experiencing Goods for the Disabled with Physical Computing Tools and 3D Printing Technology

    Young Chun Jung · Kyung Taek Lee

  • Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions on Astronomical Observation and Astronomy Classes Following Astronomical Observation Experience

    Hansol Kim · Sungman Lim · Seongun Kim

  • Exploring the Possibility of Measuring Mathematical Anxiety in f-NIRS-based NIRSIT

    Bohyun Min · Doyeon Ahn · Kwangho Lee · Taekwon Son

  • The Role of Teachers' Enthusiasm and Efficacy in Technology Integration in the Relationship between Teacher Training and Intention to Continue Integrating: A Bangladesh Context

    Hye Jeong Kim · Minseo Ju · Biswajit Kumar Sarkar · Pilnam Yi