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June 2022

  • Vol. 12 No. 2
  • An Analysis of EEG Activation Differences during the Inductive and the Deductive Inquiry Task Performance

    Jin-Su Jeong · Yong-Seong Kim

  • A Study on The Perception of Digital Writing Performance of Middle School Students

    Jong-Im Park · Sook-Ki Choi

  • Systematic Instruction for Artificial Intelligence in Art Education -Based on ASSURE Model-

    Jung Won, Jang · Hyunil Jung

  • Types of Infographics Made in Science Classes and Perceptions of Science Classes Using Infographics according to the Cognitive Style of Middle School Students

    Hye-seon Hyun · Arum Noh · Su-Kyeong Lee · Hyukjoon Choi

  • Developing a Digital Textbook Model and the Perception of Special Education Teachers on the Digital Textbook of the Special Education Basic Curriculum

    Kyung Im Han · Hye Jeong Kim · Jiyoon Park · Myung Cheol Jeong · Kyung Hwa Han

  • Development of A Future-oriented Teaching and Learning Model Based on Digital Textbook in Science Class for the Digital Transformation Era

    Jung-Ho Byeon · Yong-Ju Kwon · Jong Hyeun Yun · HyunJu Park · Gyeong-Hui Park · Tae-Hui Kim

  • A Study on the Reader's Question Generation and Reading Resource Reference Patterns in Reading for Learning Purpose: Using Eye Tracker

    Hee-Jeong Baek · Dong-Min Jang · Kyeong-hwa Lee

  • A Development of Learning Progressions on the Concept of Lunar Environment and Moon Phase of Elementary and Secondary Students and Typification of Understanding Level Applying the 2015 Revised National Science Curriculum

    Yoo-Ji Kwon · Hyonyong Lee