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September 2022

  • Vol. 12 No. 3
  • The Impact of Collaborative Problem Solving for Character Competency (CoProC) Applied to Non-face-to-face and Face-to-face Class Situations on Character Competence and Scientific Affective Characteristics of Vocational High School Students

    Jihun Park · Sinae Kang · Jeonghee Nam

  • Development of a Personalized Webbased Educational Program for Scientific Researchers' Cognitive bias Regulation

    Sangwoo Bae · Eunju Park · Minsu Ha

  • Development and Effectiveness Analysis of System Thinking Inquiry Modules for High School Credit System : Focused on Sementic Network Analysis

    Yuran Kim · Hyonyong Lee

  • The Effect of Multimedia Materials for Culture Education in Elementary School English Classes

    Seong-eun Park · Dong Ju Lee

  • Development of a Theme-selection Program Based on Blended Learning for Free-Semester System in Middle School

    Yoon-seo Kim · Kyung Taek Lee

  • Analysis of Elementary School Students’ Characteristic about Model Determiantion Process

    Hansol Kim · Ilho Yang

  • Study on Brain Activation Characteristics of Students According to The Familiarity With Physics Term and The Physics Unit

    Chang-hun Lee · Kwang-Su Ryu

  • The Comparison of Brain Activities by Academic Achievement and Cognitive Style According to Mathematical Representations - fNIRS Study

    Sung-yoon Yoo · Doyeon Ahn · Kwang-Ho Lee

  • The Effect of High School Students' Concept Perception Change & Affective Domain by The Experience of The Biology Class Convertible from Contact to Non-Contact Class

    Jung-Ho Byeon · Yong-Ju Kwon