2020 Vol.10 No.4

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December 2020

  • Vol. 10 No. 4
  • Identification of fNIRS Brain Activity and Exploration of Deep Learning-Based Predictive Model in Self-Regulation Process Taking Mirror Task

    Seung-Hyuk Kwon ∙ Sang-Hee Park ∙ Jin-Sun Park ∙ Na-Rae Hwang ∙ Yong-Ju Kwon

  • Analysis of Multiplication Thinking and Academic Achievement on Division through the Application of Non-proportional Model

    Seung-Hyub Jwa ∙ Tae-Kwon Son ∙ Da-Som Song∙ Kwang-Ho Lee

  • Effects of Finger Function Exercise Program on Cognitive Ability and Attention of Elderly Women

    Doo-Ho Yoon ∙ Hye-Yoon Lee ∙ Kyeong-Lae Kim

  • An Analysis of Eye Movements according to the Ability of Pre-service Elementary Teachers to Read Music

    Su-Young Bae ∙ Sumi Kwon

  • Analysis of Online Interaction Patterns in Online Debate of High School Students through SNA

    In-Hye Kim ∙ Sook-Ki Choi

  • Development and Application of Science and Technology Convergence General Education Program based on PBL for Pre-service Teacher

    Nam-In Hong ∙ Kyung-Taek Lee∙ Hyukjoon Choi

  • The Effect of Climate Change Teaching and Learning Using Havruta on the High School Student’s Attitude toward Science

    Hae-Rim Jeong ∙ Hak-Sung Kim

  • Principal and Teacher Perceptions of Principal’s Competencies in Nigeria

    Jessica Lumati ∙ Kwang-Ho Lee

  • Elementary School Students’ Eye Movement in Reading Expository Text about Sex Education

    Yun-Sim Lee · Il-Ho Yang

  • An Analysis of the Korean Science Curriculum on the Life Science and Biology Domains of TIMSS 2019

    Hyun-Kyung Kim ∙ Jin-Su Jeong

  • Brain Activation with fNIRS in Children’s Transformational Geometry Problem Solving: using Tangram

    Min-Jung Kang

  • The Influence of Group Presentations Physics Class Enhanced Self-Directed Learning on Science-related Attitudes and Communication Skills of Meister High School Students

    Seong-Min Hwang ∙ Hyukjoon Choi

  • Effects of Brain Activity-Maze Program on Brain Functions in Middle School Students

    Ji-Young Choi · Kyeong-Lae Kim

  • Development and Application of STEM Education Program applying Problem-Based Learning Model: Focusing on ‘Space Exploration’ subject in Middle School

    Hyeon-Jin Oh ∙ Jungjoo Sohn

  • AI Chatbot Design and Development Model for Classroom Instruction: Designing Learning Conversations

    Hye Jeong Kim ∙ Sungae Yoo ∙ Eun-young Kim

  • Development and Application of Molecular Biology Inquiry Program using ABO gene

    Jae-Hyoung Jo ∙ Jung-Wook Roh ∙ Dan-Bi Seo ∙ Wan-Yeon Kim

  • The Visual Attention and Type of Unscientific Explanation in the Explanation of the Refraction of Light – An Eye-Tracking Study

    Seong-Un Kim