2020 Vol.10 No.3

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September 2020

  • Vol. 10 No. 3
  • A Corpus-based Analysis of the Vocabulary in National English Curriculum, College Scholastic Ability Test, and EBS Textbooks

    Min-Seok Choi ∙ Dong-Ju Lee

  • Exploring Elementary Mathematics Education Research Trends Using Language Network Analysis – Focusing on past 10 years domestic journals on number and operation area

    Leena Kim ∙ Jeong-Mi Park ∙ Da-Som Song ∙ Kwang-Ho Lee

  • Development of a Robot Hands-on Activity Task for Middle School Technology Subject in 2015 Revised Curriculum

    Mi-So Lee ∙ Kyung-Taek Lee

  • Investigation of Digital Tools for Social Emotional Learning

    Hyun-Ju Park

  • The Effects of Science-focused STEAM Program and Liberal art-focused STEAM Program on the Affective Properties of High School Students

    Jung-Ho Byeon

  • Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Perceived Digital Competency of Engineering College Students

    Sung-Youn Choi

  • Effects of Feedback Breathing Exercise with Aquatic Functional Balance Exercise on Kinematic Breathing Function and Balance Abilities and Gait Abilities in Older Patients with dizziness

    Jeong-Min Park ∙ Chan-Dae Park

  • Analysis of Mathematics Education Research Trends through Semantic Network Analysis

    Myeong-Seon Yeom ∙ Bon-Hyung Gu ∙ Ga-Hyeon Lim ∙ Kwang-Ho Lee