2020 Vol.10 No.1

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March 2020

  • Vol. 10 No. 1
  • Exploring Students’ Early and Campus E-Learning Experiences for Academic Success

    Suyeon Lee ∙ Hye Jeong Kim

  • Kinetic Comparison and Analysis between the Basketball Set Shot of Skilled and Unskilled Basketball Players

    Hyun-Dai Jo

  • Using Infographics for Improving Statistical Thinking Ability

    Jeong-Hwa Seo · Kwang-Ho Lee

  • Analysis of Gaze Fixation at the Heading Positions of Column Shown in the Table of Life Science Textbooks

    Eun Ju Cho · Yong-Ju Kwon

  • Analysis on Articulation of ‘Stimulus and Response’ Unit according to Curriculum Revision in Middle School

    Inkyung Park · Soo-min Lim · Youngshin Kim

  • An Analysis of Types and Discourse Structure of Online Hate Speech Against Women

    Wonjun Kang

  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Moral Education

    Kuk Hyeon Kim

  • Concept Status Analysis of Pre-Service Science Teachers on Life Science Concepts Related to Disease

    Yoeng-Min Jo · Min-Su Ha · Eun-Ju Park

  • Analysis of the Effects of Changing Novice Teacher’s Gaze through Gaze Image Self-Reflection in Elementary Mathematics Class*

    Ji-hyun Cha · Taekwon Son · Kwang-Ho Lee

  • Analysis of the Science Education Objectives in Textbook of 2nd Grade Middle School following the 2015 Revision National Curriculum – Based on Klopfer’s Classification of Educational Goals –

    Hye-Jin Kim ∙ Hak-Sung Kim

  • Effects of High Intensity Interval Training on Health Related Fitness and Bone Mineral Density in Middle School Girls

    Tae-Hee Lee · Hye-Yun Lee · Kyeong-Lae Kim