2020 Vol.10 No.2

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June 2020

  • Vol. 10 No. 2
  • The Analysis of 3rd Graders’ Multiplicative Thinking

    Kwang-Ho Lee ∙ Youn-Choul Shin ∙ Hye-Min Kim

  • The Effect of Realistic Contents(AR, VR) on the Brains of Middle School Students – Using f-NIRS study

    Sang-Hee Park, Jin-Sun Park, Na-Rae Hwang, Seung-Hyuk Kwon, Yong-Ju Kwon

  • Learning Science Concept Words : P300

    Ji-Yoon Jang ∙ Il-Ho Yang

  • A Corpus-based Research on High Frequency Delexical Verb Collocations: English Textbooks and National English Listening Tests

    Dong Ju Lee ∙ Na Eun Kim

  • Effects of Complex Breathing Training and Vestibular Rehabilitation Training on Balance Kinematic Breathing Function and Balance Abilities and Cognitive Abilities in Older Patients with dizziness

    Jeong-Min Park ∙ Kyeong-Lae Kim

  • Effects of Exercise Types on BNDF and Cognitive Functions in Middle Aged Women

    Yu-Beom Kim ∙ Kyeong-Lae Kim ∙ Sung-Tae Park

  • A Comparative Study on Preference/Non-Preference Aspects of Subjects and Music Teaching Methods According to Preliminary Elementary School Teachers’ Brain Preference

    Yunhee Seung

  • A Study on the Level of MERS-related Health Literacy in High School Students

    Bo-Gyeong Kang ∙ Mi-Jum Kim ∙ Yong-Jin Kim

  • Exploring the Meaning and Value of Art Education in School Cooperatives -Based on the Case Analysis of Content Cartoonists-

    An-Na Jo ∙ Hyun-Il Jung