2019 Vol.9 No.4

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December 2019

  • Vol. 9 No. 4
  • An Analysis of Elementary School Teacher’s Beliefs about Visual Attention and Gaze Distributions in Real Science Classes

    You-Ji Seo · Seong-Un Kim · Il-Ho Yang

  • The Effect of Jigsaw Ⅱ Cooperative Learning on Students’ Science Process Skills, Attitude toward Science, and Creative Personality in ‘Atmosphere changes’ chapter in High School Earth Science Curriculum

    Jeong-Eun Hwang · Hak-Sung Kim

  • Characteristics of Verbal Interaction Types in Small Group Collaborative Physics Problem-Solving Activity of College Students

    Jongmin Park ∙ Hyukjoon Choi

  • Effects of Unicycle Exercise on Health Related Fitness and Physical Self-efficacy in male Middle School Students

    Sung-Jin Woo · Kyeong-Lae Kim · Min-Ji An · Deok-Ju Ko

  • Effects of Step Box Exercise on Health Related Fitness, Bone Mineral Density and Physical Self-Concept in Obese Female Middle School Students

    Seong-Joon Lee, Min-Ji An, Kyeong-Lae Kim

  • Effects of Music Jump Rope Training in using the Simulation on Physical Activity Promotion System and Functional Exercise Performance Abilities in Elementary School Children

    Jeong-Min Park · Myung-Cheol Shin · Hyeong-Nam Baek · Sang-Kyun Park

  • The Effect of the Flipped Science Class using the Digital Textbooks on the Change of Learner’s Competence

    Nam-Sil Park ‧ Kwang-Su Ryu

  • An Analysis on Contents of the Korean Examination writing question for Secondary-School Teacher’s Employment Using Text Mining and Semantic Network Analysis

    Jong-Ha Jung ∙ Sooki Choi

  • The Problem Solving Thinking Processes on the Geological Spatial Ability Test according to the Item Types

    Jo, Jun-Ho ∙ Yang, Il Ho

  • Development of An Inquiry Model of Ecosystem Based on the System Thinking – Focused on Gotjawal Ecosystem

    Yeong-Ji Lee ‧ Yong-Ju Kwon