2019 Vol.9 No.3

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September 2019

  • Vol. 9 No. 3
  • Predicting Attention and Memory Ability based on the Combination of EEG and HRV data in Children

    “Hyeong Seok Jeon, Junhee Lee, June Lee, You Jin Hwang, Siyoung Lee, Hee Yang, Jung Han Yoon, Jun Soo Kwon, Jung Ho Won, Jun Dong Cho, Ki Won Lee”

  • Antioxidant Effects of Pyrogallol in Neural Cells and Mice Brain

    Jisub Moon, Heesun Gwak, Tae-Hee Lee, Eun Suk An, Yun-Bae Kim, Dongsun Park

  • Perceptions of Elementary and Secondary Science Teachers on the Accessibility to STEAM Programs

    Yunhee Choi, Mi-Jum Kim, Yong-Jin Kim

  • A Study on Developing a Working Memory Assessment Tool

    Tae-Kwon Son, Kwang-Ho Lee, Chang-Keun Sung

  • An Analysis of Effectiveness of STEAM Teaching and Learning Activity on Chapter ‘Beautiful Korean Peninsula’ in High School Earth Science I

    Won-Jong Jeong, Soo-Meen Wee

  • An Analysis of Dialogue in Instructional Reflection Using Gaze Videos in Teaching Practice

    Seong Un Kim, Il Ho Yang

  • Coherence on Concepts Used in Science Inquiry Activities

    Seong-yeob Jeong, Soo-min Lim, Youngshin Kim

  • Effects of Group Jump Rope on Working Memory and Attention in Elementary School Students

    Sang-Bin Yun, Eun-Seok Ho, Kyeong-Lae Kim

  • An Exploration of the Brain Study through A Practical Measurement and Application Using f-NIRS in Educational Research

    Sang-Hee Park, Jin-Sun Park, Na-Rae Hwang, Seung-Hyuk Kwon, Yong-Ju Kwon

  • The Effect of Mathematics Classroom Culture on Mathematics Learning Attitude

    Sung-Chang Keun

  • Development of STEAM Integrated Teaching Materials using Solid Crystal Structure

    Jong-In Kim, Kwang-Su Ryu

  • A Study on 5th Graders’ Understandings of the Meaning of Symmetric Figure for a Point Using the ‘Bilateral Symmetric Ruler’

    Sun-Young Kim, Kwang-Ho Lee

  • A Comparative Study on Brain Preference and Music Teaching Style of Elementary and Middle School Teachers According to Alert Scale of Cognitive Style

    Yunhee Seung