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September 2023

  • Vol. 13 No. 3
  • Niche Overlap and Proximity of Photosynthesis Concepts by Middle School Students' Cognitive Level

    Hongyeon Kim, Soo-min Lim, Youngshin Kim

  • A Study of Directions for Elementary History Education Based on Preservice Teachers' Lesson Analysis Responses

    Haeyoung, Lee

  • Evaluation of Affective Domains and Technology Acceptability of Collaborative Learning Using Generative AI ChatGPT of Pre-service Teachers

    Eun Jung Jang

  • Analysis of the Necessity of AI Utilization and Digital Competencies and Use Cases for Science Teachers

    Mihyun Son

  • A Study on the Potential and Implication of Using ChatGPT in Moral Education: Focusing on the Moral Dilemma Discussion

    Jinbong Ha

  • Analysis of Child’s Spatial Ability

    Min Jung Kang

  • The Analysis Actual Use and Perception of Class Using Coding of Chemistry Teacher

    Sungki Kim, Hyunjung Kim

  • The Effect on Differentiation and Maturation of Oligodendrocyte by Age of Cerebral Palsy Modeling Using Sprague Dawley Rat

    Eun-Jung Yoon, Jiwon Jeong, Yeobin Park, Dongsun Park