2018 Vol.8 No.4

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December 2018

  • Vol. 8 No. 4
  • Investigation on the Perceptions of Middle School Science
    Teachers and Students about Creativity Components of Middle
    School Science Textbooks

    Sang-Hyun Cha, Kwang-Su Ryu

  • Development and Application of Visualized Image Materials
    for Efficient Arithmetic Operation

    Hoo-Gi Yang, Yong-Tae Kim

  • Development and Application of an Experience Activity Task
    related to New and Renewable Energies and Energy Conversion
    in Middle School Technology and Home Economics

    Dong-Yeon Park · Kyung Taek Lee

  • A Study on the Effects of Flipped Learning on Inferential
    English Reading Skills of Korean High School Students

    Boram Lee ∙ Dong Ju Lee

  • An Analysis of Pre-service Teacher’s Gaze Distribution in
    Class Observation During Observational Practicum

    Seong Un Kim ∙ Il Ho Yang

  • The Analysis of the Gaze Characteristics of 4th Graders who
    Explore the Function Table

    Mihyeon Ahn ∙ Kwangho Lee
    · Hwajin Seo · Young Joo Yoon

  • A study on the Effects of Science Teaching-Learning based on
    Future Problem-Solving (FPS) Programs on Scientific
    Communication Skills and Creative Personality

    Soyoung Park ∙ Haksung Kim