The Effect of Chemistry Experiment Classes Utilizing Advanced Laboratory Equipment at Science High Schools on the Development of Affective Characteristics in Science of Ordinary High School Students Hoping for Careers in Science and Engineering

Jihun Park1,*   

1Pusan National University


This research is conducted to investigate the effect of chemistry experiment classes utilizing advanced laboratory equipment at science high schools on the change of ordinary high school students' affective characteristics in science. For this purpose, we have developed six new courses that relied on advanced laboratory equipment such as UV-VIS spectrometers and NMR machines. Also, pre- and post-test surveys about affective characteristics of students, post-program surveys and interview materials were collected and analyzed. As a result, we confirmed the significant effect of those courses on ordinary high school students' affective characteristics. By operating the advanced laboratory equipment and experimenting with it, The students could have a variety of experiences related to careers that they could not have in ordinary high school. Further, it is shown that various chemical experiences through professional experiment activities beyond repeated question solving focused on exams have had an influence on changing the perception of chemistry. Unfortunately, such chemical experiments through the regular curriculum are currently only achievable through extracurricular programs or special lectures held during vacation. Therefore, this research can give us the significant implications for subject organization or operation through the development of co-operated curriculum.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Example of chemistry experimental class materials