Comparison of Biological Concept Assessment Scores by Handwriting and Computer Writing

Jeong-hwa  Seong1   Sarah Meilani  Fadillah2   Minsu  Ha2,*   

1Kangwon National University High School
2Kangwon National University


As students become accustomed to the digital environment, various discussions are taking place on the comparison of handwriting assessment and computer-based assessment methods. This study attempts to examine whether there are significant differences in the number of words, biological concept level, and biological concept confidence for each assessment when handwriting assessment or computer writing assessment is performed to confirm biological concepts. A descriptive assessment was conducted by selecting 13 questions related to life science and dividing 361 students from general high school into handwriting and computer writing groups. As a result of propensity score matching and linear regression analysis, the handwriting group showed significantly higher number of characters in the descriptive assessment answer and the concept score of the descriptive assessment than the computer writing group. There was no significant difference in the level of confidence of descriptive assessment. These results confirmed that students' concepts were accurately expressed when handwriting assessment was performed rather than computer writing assessment with an assessment tool.

Figures & Tables