Development of A Graphic-based Digital Textbook on Biology Learning for Bangladesh Higher Secondary Students

Firoz  Ahmed1   Yong-Ju  Kwon2,*   

1Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education of Bangladesh Ministry of Education
2Korea National University of Education


This study was focused on the development of a graphic-based digital textbook for for Bangladesh’s higher secondary level student’s academic success and learning satisfaction in biology learning. In Bangladesh, the teaching method is traditionally traditional like a ‘Jug and Mug’, called teacher-centered learning; the instructor is at the center of all learning, and students are merely a listener. In the study, the researcher made an interactive digital textbook using Canva on human eyes to facilitate an interactive learning environment through various texts and activities to facilitate student-centered learning. Student-centered learning has not yet been introduced in Bangladesh. The data collection was carried out using the pretest-posttest control design. The researcher used both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in the experiment. The results indicate that the digital textbook is usable in the classroom despite of few infrastructural limitations and the experience digital textbook has been showed a high level of academic success.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. The developed digital textbook on human eyes for Bangladesh higher secondary students