Developing a Digital Textbook Model and the Perception of Special Education Teachers on the Digital Textbook of the Special Education Basic Curriculum

Kyung Im  Han1   Hye Jeong  Kim1,*   Jiyoon  Park1   Myung Cheol  Jeong2   Kyung Hwa  Han3   

1Changwon National University
2Pusan Hyewon School
3Gyungsangnamdo Office of Education


The purpose of this study was to survey the perception of special education teachers about the development of special education basic curriculum digital textbook and to develop sample storyboards of the digital textbook. The participants of the survey were 305 special education teachers including elementary school and secondary school. As result, the special education teachers little used the present e-textbook and they want to be developed new special education digital textbook. About the development of digital textbook, teachers required ‘the easy access of teachers and students’, ‘the facilities of use’, ‘the support for various disability type of students’, ‘the provider of various materials’, ‘the reconstruction function’, ‘the attracting interests of students’, and ‘the leading use of students’. The special education teachers requested some mandatory requirements including user edit function and hyperlink of video materials, interworking function with the Webhard, AR and VR function, curriculum reconstruction function on the digital books, providing various materials based on experience and AAC symbol compatibility function. In this study, the digital textbook sample storyboard about elementary school Korean language subject was developed. The results of this study will provide lots of information on the development of special education digital textbooks.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Login menu of the model of digiatl textbook in special education