A Study on The Perception of Digital Writing Performance of Middle School Students

Jong-Im  Park1   Sook-Ki Choi1,*   


This study investigated the perception of writing performance of 183 middle school students who performed cooperative writing tasks in a digital writing environment. As a result, first, Students' perception of digital collaborative task performance consisted of 'recognition of digital collaborative writing performance process' and 'attitude perception towards digital writing tools'. Second, the students showed a high level of recognition in terms of role performance while participating in the digital collaborative writing task, but male students felt more difficult than female students. Third, a high level of recognition was also shown in relation to data search and selection of digital writing, but this was also found to be more difficult for male students than female students. Fourth, the discourse synthesis performance, which translates information into one's own words, also showed a high level of recognition, but it showed a rather low level when simultaneously inputting the contents represented by one's own. Fifth, although the overall recognition level was high in relation to cooperative peer evaluation and correction, female students were found to perceive more difficulties than male students. Sixth, students positively perceived the convenience of typing and editing in digital writing compared to handwriting, but showed a rather low level of confidence when entering the content they represented at the same time.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Scree Plot and Varimax Factor Analysis Results