Analysis of the External and Internal Experiences of Leaders and Alienated Students in Elementary School Science Inquiry Activities

Jooyeon Choi1   Soo-min Lim2   Youngshin Kim1,*   

1Kyungpook National University
2Science Education Research Institute at Kyungpook National University


The purpose of this study is to analyze the external and internal experiences of leader and alienated students in small group science inquiry activities of elementary school students by using the Experience Sampling Method(ESM). For this purpose, the research was conducted on 14 leader and 11 alienated students by classifying out of 87 selected 6th graders. Each inquiry stage was divided into observation, variable control, data interpretation and conclusion drawing stages, and the difference in the experiences of leader and alienated students was analyzed in each inquiry stage. The study results are as follows. First, it was found that elementary school students mainly experienced the actions and thoughts related to the experiment in the small group inquiry activity. Second, small group inquiry activities were led by some students. Third, in order to induce active interaction, the experimental design stage such as the variable control stage must be included. Fourth, it is necessary to induce alienated students to have a positive consciousness and emotion toward inquiry activities. Fifth, activities such as role assignment are required to increase the participation of alienated students in inquiry activities. Through this study, it is expected that the various experiences of elementary school students experienced in small group inquiry activities will be understood and used as basic data for effective group composition and class improvement.

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