Development of Teaching and Learning Model for Biology Class using Artificial Intelligence

Jung-Ho Byeon1,*   

1Samcheok High School


Artificial intelligence was used in various fields, it is widely focused on education recently. Appropriate teaching and learning strategies are necessary for the application of artificial intelligence to science education, however, there is in poor one to able to use by the teacher. Therefore, the purpose of this study was focused on the generation of appropriate teaching and learning model for biology class using artificial intelligence. Also, the researcher investigated the effect of the learning model for affective domain on high school students according to the application of the learning program. As a result of this study, the researcher could develop the teaching and learning model of biology education using artificial intelligence by theoretical review, and composed a learning program for application in class. According to the result of analysis for the effect of the affective domain, the level of learning motivation, task commitment, and attitude for artificial intelligence on post-test significantly increased more than the result of the pre-test. Consequently, it could be checked that the teaching and learning model of biology learning using artificial intelligence can cause a positive effect on the student’s learning.

Figures & Tables