Analysis of Connectivity between 2015 Mathematics Curriculum and Process-oriented Assessment: Using Semantic Network Analysis

Do-Yeon  Ahn1   Hyun-Ho  Yoon2   Jin-Min Jung3   Kwang-Ho  Lee1,4   

1Cheonancheongdang Elementary School
2Deajeondonghwa Elementary School
3Wonpyeong Middle School
4Korea National University of Education


This study analyzed the relationship between the process-oriented assessment and the 2015 revised mathematics curriculum using Semantic Network Analysis. The key words were extracted by analyzing the 223 sentences in the ‘Instruction Notes’ and ‘Assessment Note’ section of the math curriculum. The connection between the key words was analyzed to show how they relate to the process-oriented assessment. As a result, it was found that the description of process-oriented assessment was insufficient in the math curriculum. The high school curriculum was biased toward the assessment of knowledge, and the elementary school curriculum lacked an explanation for the assessment of ‘attitude and practice’. Overall, some characteristics of process-oriented evaluation were not sufficiently reflected in the curriculum. With the results, this study suggests that the curriculum are needed to be improved in process-oriented assessment to settle in the school field.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. ‘Instruction note’ in the mathematics curriculum of 3~4th grade