A Study on general high school Teachers’ Perception on Process-focused Evaluation Policies

Yong Sang Lee1   Hyun Sook Yi2,*   Ji Hyun Park3   

1Yeungnam Univeristy
2Konkuk University
3Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation


This study explored what needs to be urgently improved in order to settle the process-focused evaluation by examining the existing process-focused evaluation policies and the teacher's perception on the effectiveness of these policies. To this end, suggested policies by previous research were reviewed and then a survey was designed to investigate teachers' perceptions on these suggested policies. The survey results show that the teachers perceived that the processed-focused evaluation is difficult to implement in the classroom due to the distrust of students and their parents about the evaluation. Even students could not avoid the extra learning burden because they may be required to involve more activities for this evaluation. The teachers also seem to believe that the policies suggested to enhance teachers’ evaluation ability would not be helpful. In fact, they responded that more detailed guidelines need to be developed because the current evaluation guideline is closer to a brochure broadly introducing this evaluation rather than a manual showing a way to implement the process-focused evaluation. The survey results also show that it would be helpful for teachers if simplifying the NEIS system instead of building a new management system. Finally, even though the current college admission system may be recognized as an obstacle to the implementation of the process-focused evaluation in school, the teachers believe that it would be difficult to solve this problem as long as there is fierce competition among students due to the college admission system.

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