Effects of Floorball Activity in Early Morning on Health Related Fitness and Academic Achievement in Elementary School Students

Mi-Hee Lee1   Kyeong-Lae Kim2,*   Eun-Seok Ho2   

1Mo-dang Elementary school
2Korea National University of Education


This study is to investigated health related fitness and academic achievement of elementary school students who regularly participated in early morning floorball activity for 8 weeks. To achieve the purpose of this study, 6th graders at M Elementary School in the G City, Gyeonggi-do, 18 students(9 boys and 9 girls), who would like to participate in a early morning floorball activity were selected as an exercise group and a comparison group to measure their health related fitness and academic achievement before and after the experiment. The t-test were conducted, using SPSS Win 21.0 Package Statistics Software. The results were as follows; First, the early morning floorball activity was effective for the improvement of cardiopulmonary endurance of the boys and muscular strength of the girls. Second, the early morning floorball activity contributed to improving their academic achievement. In conclusion, the study should be conducted by setting various exercise intensity, time, frequency, and duration by applying various newsport events and different participants in constructing early morning physical activity programs.

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