Analysis of High School Students’ Science Teachers Images Using Semantic Network Analysis

Soo-min Lim1   Yunjung Cho2   Youngshin Kim2,*   

1Science Education Institute in Kyungpook National University
2Kyungpook National University


Teacher-centered classes are conducted in Korean school education, and students' values, attitudes, and academic achievement are influenced by teachers. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what students want and what they avoid from teachers. This study aim to analyze the image of science teachers that high school students prefer/avoid according to the five class situations. To this end, 549 high school students were divided into five categories and the image of a science teacher who prefers and avoids is described in an open format. Semantic network analysis, was used for analysis. The conclusions of this study are as follows. First, students' prefer and avoid are determined according to how the science teacher. Second, science teachers should make students feel interested in science through inquiry-oriented experiment. Third, the unilateral communication of the teacher acts as a cause for students to lose interest in science class and to avoid science class by passive participation. Science teachers need to change their type of science classes, method of present materials and science teaching methods so that science classes are preferred by students.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Semantic network on the types of science classes